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  1. Summer is just around the corner.  Are you Ready?

    With the end of the school year fast approaching and the weather turning warm it's time to start planning how to keep those kids busy and out of mischief for the next few months!  Now you can take the easy way, if you like, and sentence your kids to a few months of t.

  2.           Are you going camping or just having a fire in your back yard?  We have an amazing, fun idea for you.  We recently found these great things called “Pie Irons”.  They simple to use and you and the kids will enjoy time spent together as well as yummy food.  What more could you want, right?! Here is the list of a few things you will need for this fun activity:
    • Pie Irons (can be purchased online or at most
  3. Marshmallow Shooters

              Ok, so it’s that time of year when the kids are out of school and its hot outside!  As parents we know that it’s good to encourage our kids to play outside and to get that much needed exercise.  As parents it’s hard to always come up with fun ideas for our kids to keep them playing.
  4. Day And Night Time Bowling!

              Outside is the place to be!  Here at the TreeSwingStore.com we want our customers to love being outside on their tree swing.  Most of all we want to help our customers have a great summer.  There are so many great ideas out there for outdoor activities and we have come across one that the kids absolutely love.
  5. Water Balloon Piñata’s

               Is it getting hot outside?  Well, we have put together a fun, cheap, and easy idea that you and your kids can do together to enjoy the heat.  The TreeSwingStore.com is a big fan of playing outside on our wood tree swings and spending time with our kids.
  6. Sunflower House

              Are you starting to plant your garden and all those beautiful flowers?  We are!  With our kids we wanted to make a fun place for them to play and still enjoy the flowers.  We have an idea that is earth friendly and the kids will love helping and being a part of it.
  7. Sunflower House

              Are you starting to plant your garden and all those beautiful flowers?  We are!  With our kids we wanted to make a fun place for them to play and still enjoy the flowers.  We have an idea that is earth friendly and the kids will love helping and being a part of it.
  8. Mother’s Day Flower Bracelet
              Mother’s Day is approaching fast and it’s time to start thinking of something special that maybe the kids can make for their dear grandmas.  Here at TreeSwingStore.com we think that homemade gifts are far more special and fun to give.
  9. Mess Free Finger Painting

              We have come across another fun mess free idea that kids are sure to love.  This idea can bring out the creative nature of our kids and teach them about colors as well.  At the TreeSwingStore.com we love to make new designs for our tree swings for both the kids and the adults.
  10. Jellyfish Fun

                    Are you looking for a fun indoor activity to do with your children on a rainy day?  Well, we have the perfect solution for you.  At the TreeSwingStore.com we believe that an active mind is the best mind.
  11. Fun and Cheap Kool-Aid Play Dough!

                    When it comes to keeping the kid’s minds active and creative; what’s better than play dough?  This helps them show their creativity and really have fun.  This recipe is quick and easy and will stay soft for a long time.
  12. Enjoy The Birds While Sitting On Your Wood Tree Swing

    Do you love the outdoors?  We do!  There is something about being out in the fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin, feeling the breeze on your face as you swing on your wood tree swing and listening to the sweet sounds of the birds, squirrels and other outdoor animals.
  13. Box Cars For A Drive In Movie Right In Your Living Room

    Here at TreeSwingStore.com we love to spend time with our kids and show them that you don’t have to spend money to have a great time.  Family time is important to us and we want to pass this on to our children.  For this reason we love to find fun things to create and do with our family.
  14. With the cold dreary winter lingering on and bringing even colder days in the next couple of weeks I find it harder and harder to keep my kids happy.  All they want to do is fight and argue it seems.  That's why I hope you find this entry timely.  It might just buy you a couple days of sanity.

    If you remember back to when you were a kid you probably remember your mom, or even grandma, being able to recycle ANYTHING you found into something fun to play with.  Take a look at this great idea my mom revived for our kids.

  15. Teaching Your Children To Have Fun While Cleaning, Yes This Is Possible!

    Here at TreeSwingStore.com we love to spend time with our kids and constantly teach them new things.  Maybe they are things that we did as a child or it’s something new that we just learned ourselves.  No matter the reason there is always a season that gives you the opportunity to spend time with your children.
  16. New Year, New Opportunity

           At TreeSwingStore.com beyond building great wood tree swings for kids and adults we spend a lot of time thinking about things that can help kids have a healthier, more active life while at the same time teaching them useful skills.  As you have seen with our recent blog posts we have been talking a lot about games for kids.

  17. Godzilla Crashes Kids Fort!
           I’m in my 30’s but I still enjoy building a fort inside my house with my kids.  It’s a great thing for them to do and lets them know dad is ok with a mess, sometimes.  When it’s cold outside and I can’t talk them into playing on one of those nice

           When I was in third grade I had a great teacher.  She was really good at keeping rowdy boys in control and channeling our energy in a good direction.  As the weather got cold and we found ourselves with a couple feet of snow on the ground a rules against snowball fights at school we’d find ourselves less than excited about going outside or recess.

  19.      Here's something fun to do with your kids this Holiday season.  Go out for a walk and enjoy all the Christmas lights and decorations that kind people have put up at their own time and expense just to make others happy.  
         I remember when I was a little boy and my parents would bundle me up with my big sister and little brother and we'd take a walk through the neighborhood to see this house.
  20. Frosty’s Demise
           With Christmas just around the corner and much of the country covered in snow, most people aren’t likely to be playing on a wood tree swing!  No, it’s time to bundle up and enjoy some good old fashioned winter fun with your kids.
  21. Camp cooking
    The other day I decided it would be good to spend some time outside with my kids and teach them a little about survival.  I thought they should learn how to build a fire and know a  basic set up to cook, just in case they ever manage to get themselves lost.
  22. 4 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 1/2 cups water Knead for 15 minutes roll out 1/4 inch thick Bake at 300 for 40-45 minutes Make sure to poke hole for hanging before baking! Doing this with all the kids!!!

    Holiday Handprint Decorations
    Simple Indoor Activites to do with Kid in the Winter

           With the seasons changing, snow falling and my children kind enough to track mud and leaves into my house, I find activities like these help keep some of that mud outside.
  23. Water balloon pinata! What fun in the hot summer!
           I know, I know!  What kind of parent would encourage his kids to play water ballon pinata in the winter?  Yes we just had our first major snowfall of the year and got about 8 inches.
           When I was a kid there was so much fun to be had, adventures to go on, vilians to vanquish and the world to save... All without even leaving my backyard!  And today?  I still see the same adventures to be had, but for some reason my kids don't see it unless it involves video games or a smart phone.
  25. Nothing says classic timeless fun like a good, sturdy rope tied to a high tree branch in the back yard!  Kids and adults have been doing this for hundreds of years and it is still popular.  Whether you want to relax gently swinging while you watch nature around you or you want to take your wood tree swing to the moon and back, it's all there in a good tree swing for kids or adults.
    Along with the cool new designs of tree swings we come out with, we're dedicated to good wholesome fun for kids of any type.
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